Monday, Nov.17, 2003 1:52pm EST
      Welcome to the HoloBoard of the SAS and the City of Valens, located on Lok, on the Starsider Server. I have lots of content to add to this site in the coming days, such as History of SAS, City Plan Overview, a Recruitment section, a Valens City FAQ, an Events Schedule, Screenshots, a Guide to Lok, some Tips and Strategies, a Search feature and much more. Stay tuned...


Monday, Nov.19, 2003 11:14pm EST
      Feel free to post in the three message boards. Any main news I will post on, or link from the main page. These message boards are meant for us to share information quickly and easily without having to be in-game. They are moderated, but I'm sure everyone will behave =p

City of VALENS Overview
Monday, Nov.17, 2003 2:11pm EST
    Ingame City Contacts:

  • Mayor - Calliope Jones
  • City Planner - Da'mage
  • Chief Recruiter - Romi
  • SAS Guildmaster - Skorr
  • Senior SAS - Sekkoutai, Tsu, -Tidus-

    Persons requiring more information, or who are interested in joining should contact one of the above people in-game.

Monday, Nov.17, 2003 2:11pm EST
    Check the news section for the latest city news.

    A major city meeting was held on the evening of Sunday, Nov. 16, 2003. Thank you to all who were able to attend, and I would like to again welcome the latest citizens of our city. Da'mage will be emailing the details of the meeting to our members soon, and I will post them here as well.

    View a rough draft of our city plan. This will be updated periodically.

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